A seminar for business owners ready to go from learning to doing.

Have you ever met a business owner that seems to have the golden touch? No matter where they go people are drawn to them.

It’s hard to put a finger on what it is about them that everyone is drawn to. It’s like they’ve discovered a silver bullet that leads to success.

But, everyone knows there are no silver bullets, right?!

Well, it turns out there actually are. Only, it turns out they’re less silver and more… invisible. As in, they are hiding in plain sight.

We’re not talking about some set of secrets that a select few have access to. These aren’t tips or tricks that will magically catapult you to success either.

They’re learnable skills that impact every area of your life. And no matter what industry you’re in or what the latest business trend is, they will always serve you.

These skills include things like:

  • Listening for possibilities others are ignoring.
  • Asking the kinds of questions that unlock opportunities.
  • Receiving feedback that give you insights others aren’t brave enough to consider.

It turns out these skills are the critical (and learnable) building blocks that lead to becoming experts at negotiation, grit and making decisions like a professional.

The people who research these things call them soft skills. But, when exercised with excellence, they produce hard results.

These soft skills can sometimes feel elusive and hard to improve on. Many believe you either are born with them or you aren’t. But, this is clearly not true.

The issue isn’t that you can’t learn and develop them. It’s that they often don’t feel like they solve an immediate need. Which is why most people don’t even try to develop them.

At Fastermind, we believe these skills are at the core of reaching our fullest potential as successful business owners and humans. They give us the ability to be a compelling presence that others are drawn to, no matter what your personality.

When you join us at Fastermind Live you will get the training you need to begin developing these skills and implementing them in your life and business.

Don’t register for another seminar that will leave you empty handed. Dare to go deeper with a community of colleagues that are givers and committed to each others success.


Honest content, a community that gets it, and tools to make it all work. On purpose.


  • Genuine Connection with Real Business Owners
  • Colleagues Who are On Your Side
  • Speakers Who Meet You Where You Are
  • Content You Can Apply to Your Business Now
  • Genuine Community
  • Coin Check! (You'll get it when you get here)


Imagine if you could leave the event with your own custom marching orders on what to do with what you’ve learned.

Come experience...

  • Roundtable Sessions
  • Marching Orders - Your Customized Plan to Implement What You Learn.


We pack in a full day of practical learning, roundtable sessions and connecting with colleagues.

Registration: 8:30 AM • First Session: 9:00 AM • Wrap-up: 5:30 PM

Lunch will be provided. After the final session wraps up you're invited to stay and connect over drinks and apps at an evening happy hour. 



"Inspiring speakers and a great community of people!”  - Courtney J. 


Registration Includes:

  • A full day of business & mindset education

  • Roundtable sessions with colleagues

  • Connecting with growth-minded colleauges

  • Lunch & happy hour

*Registration fee does not include hotel accommodations.
**Tickets are non-refundable but may be transferred. Transferred tickets must be confirmed in writing by Fastermind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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You have the opportunity to participate in roundtable sessions after each talk throughout the day. This gives you space to absorb the content you just heard, talk through it with your colleagues and strategize a plan for the best way to apply it to your business.

Each conversation will be facilitated by a table leader who will guide the framework for the conversation. 


Registration begins at 8:30 AM. The first session begins at 9:00 AM. We will wrap-up the last session by 5:30 PM. After the last session you're invited to stay and connect over apps and drinks at an evening happy hour. Lunch is also provided with your registration.



The next event location will be announced soon!