A quarterly membership for business owners that want a support system of colleagues and education to help them stay focused while building their business.

Anyone with experience will tell you that building a business is hard work. What we’re less likely to admit is how lonely it can be. Sure, we’re following our passions, but that often looks like sitting alone in front of a computer. We have easy access to free education from experts, yet rarely apply it. Why? Because if we don’t get clear on the very next step we need to take, we won’t take action. And, without built in accountability our chances of follow through go way down, despite our best intentions.

“When you have accountability to specific people at a specific time, you increase your chance of success by 95%.”*

At Fastermind we believe that we weren’t made to work alone. The numbers don’t lie. Our chance of success as owners significantly increases when we build in a support system of accountability.

This is why we created the Fastermind Membership. You get a cohort of colleagues to provide weekly accountability so you stay focused on your goals, practical business education and the opportunity to connect live and in-person 3 times a year.

*Statistic from a study by The American Society of Training and Development.


Fastermind Membership Includes:

  • Weekly Accountability

    A cohort of 6-7 colleagues provide accountability on a weekly call.

  • Monthly Education

    Live monthly webinar offering practical business education.

  • Quarterly In-Person Events

    Connect in real life with our community at Fastermind Live in different cities around the U.S. Members get exclusive discounts on event tickets.

  • Growing Content Library

    Members get access to webinar recordings and videos from live events.

  • Community Support

    Connect with the entire community on our private Slack team.


"My group and leader are amazing and committed! I really didn't know what to expect but I am thrilled at the experience so far! "

- Krista Mason


Winter Term
January 8 - April 13

Fastermind Live Event
April 19
Sonoma County, CA

Spring Term
April 23 - July 13

Summer Term
July 23 - August 31

Fastermind Live Event 
September 20
Chicago, IL

Fall Term
October 1 - December 7